NEW YORK-   One can sometimes never figure at times what will happen when a pitcher takes the mound.  A pitch can go one way or the other and St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Joel Piñeiro certainly has experienced those moments in his seven or so seasons with three teamsSo, when he took the mound Tuesday evening at Citi Field and retired the first six New York Mets on ground balls, Piñeiro started to experience one of those unexpected moments. After all, Piñeiro the 30-year old native of Rio Padres Puerto Rico has never been a dominant pitcher. Prior to Tuesday he lost his last five starts and eight of his last nine on the mound.But this was a dominant performance against the struggling Mets. The sinker was working, and the Cardinals defense on the field liked what they saw. “Its fun just getting ground balls and he was dominant,” said Cardinals second baseman Skip Schumaker who handled many of the 22 groundball outs that Piñeiro induced to Mets hitters.“It’s something you feel when you go out there,” said Piñeiro who recorded his fifth career shutout with a 3-0 win over New York and the second this season. He threw 100 pitches and had a three-hit eight inning game win over the Mets on September 27, 2007 that contributed to the first of two late season collapses of the Mets.The sinker worked and Piñeiro stayed with it. The pitch hasn’t always worked, but on this night that moment of the unexpected happened. “When you see something is working you stay with it,” he said.  “Obviously they know you are going to throw the sinker. But I keep it down, they can’t hit it and it makes my curveball and slider better.”And if Piñeiro can continue to have dominate outings on the mound like this one, well it may be what St. Louis needs to take control of the National League central division. Pitching has always been a problem with the Cardinals with injuries that have placed starters Kyle Lohse and Chris Carpenter on the disabled list this season.“That was classic,” were the words from Cardinals manager Tony La Russa about the outing from his number three starter.  Piñeiro also knows it is a long season and to have more success he needs to stay healthy. “It’s all you can do, stay healthy,: he said.Albert Pujols did not have to worry that his National League leading home run bat was dormant. Piñeiro was that dominant. “He got his stuff down, kept the ball down and was aggressive,” he said. “He made his pitches and got the double plays.  Last year he was battling,” referring to Piñeiro’s 7-7 record, 5.15 ERA and tendency to give up the home run ball.And as Pujols said, it’s all about pitching. “It’s a part of the game and good that our pitching is doing the job for us to win games.