The legends that made such an impact on the old Yankee Stadium were there and so was all the fanfare of opening day baseball in the Bronx. This time there was more to this opening day as a new billion dollar ballpark made an official debut off River Avenue and 161 Street. But the New York Yankees didn’t cooperate losing their home opener to the Cleveland Indians.A Yankees opening day in the Bronx has always been special. An event that sometimes outshines what will happen on the field. This time there were more legends that usually are a part of opening day festivities. Bernie Williams on the guitar and among the 40 distinguished Yankees alumni.The best, Yogi Berra, who threw out the first pitch as the boss George Steinbrenner who made this new ballpark a reality observed the festivities in a wheelchair.  CC Sabathia, a part of that half billion dollar investment of new Yankees threw the first official pitch at the new ballpark and didn’t last more than five innings.And the ovation, just like it always was across the street came the first time when Jorge Posada hit the first official home run at Yankee Stadium. A staple of those Yankees championships under manager Joe Torre, was Posada, who rightfully so christened the new ballpark.A special and emotional day for the 48,271 who were fortunate enough to be a part of history, as were the  fans who attended opening day on April 18, 1923 when the Yankees initiated their second home with a win over the Boston  Red Sox.Still there was that aura of the old Stadium that still sits across the street. The difference, are better views from all angles, better concession stands, plenty of restaurants and a state of the art building that Steinbrenner wanted to have for his fans.  The history hopefully, in due time will be carried over.But it wasn’t the old comeback game that Posada, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte and the captain Derek Jeter used to have in the old ballpark. Even the fans gave up hope. The mystique that always hovered around the old stadium wasn’t there as the Indians would score 9 runs in the seventh inning.They started to leave after the Yankees bullpen once again failed them in the early season. “The bullpen has to get more consistent,” said Yankees manager Joe Girardi who specifically referred to Phil Coke, Jose Veras and Damaso Marte, responsible for that devastating inning.“Yeah but it was a part of history and a great day for a ballgame,” said Phil Newberger as he continued to take in the scenery. “It is still Yankee Stadium,” he said looking across the street where demolition has started towards converting all that history to a huge park.