New York - Citi Field is the new state of the art stadium that the New York Mets unveiled the past two days in their final exhibition games with the Boston Red Sox.  Mets pitcher Oliver Perez may not want to forget some of his putrid outings at the old ballpark, Shea Stadium, after failing to get out of the first inning Saturday in the Mets final exhibition game before their season opener Monday in Cincinnati.It was another day for the Mets and their fans, a dry run of sorts, at their new ballpark before their official season home opener next Monday evening.  And before the 38,695 fans in attendance could settle in their seats, Perez was done for the day. His worst outing of the spring and possibly cause for concern.General Manager Omar Minaya inked Perez to a three-year $36 million dollar deal prior to the Mets commencing spring training. There were other options in the free agent pitching market but Perez, known for his struggles in the first inning was always a target to pitch again in New York.First inning last season and Perez was sometimes dominant, and at times with no control, like he looked Saturday afternoon in the wind and cold elements at Citi Field. He threw 14 strikes and a total of 37 pitches. And by the time the inning was over the Mets last game of the spring became an eventual 9-3 loss to Boston.Not the result the Mets wanted because the games, come Monday count in the standings. “There is some concern, but we will have to keep it in the right place at this point in spring training,” said Mets manager Jerry Manuel about Perez who walked four in the inning and surrendered the first grand slam at Citi Field to Boston’s Jed Lowrie.Last season, the final of a three-year contract, Perez finished with a 10-7 record and 4.22 ERA, and at times it was hard to understand what type of performance he would give the Mets every time he took the mound.“Hopefully his next outing he will have better command,” said Manuel. Perez will have to. As Manuel stated when Perez takes the mound Thursday in Cincinnati,” it is all for keeps.”  And the Mets need Perez to have quality starts in the rotation if they are to be serious contenders to overtake Philadelphia as NL East champions.One can blame the wind and cold at Citi Field as a reason why Perez had such a rough outing.  He blew on his hands often and Perez is known to pitch better in warm conditions.  But there still was a level of concern because first inning troubles have followed Perez in his previous years at Shea Stadium.“I’m not used to pitching in that weather,” he said in his defense. “I just have to understand that sometimes I’m going to pitch on days like that. I have to get ready for Cincinnati because I know it’s going to be cold too,” he said.Perez is slated to be the Mets third starter in a pitching rotation that could be one of the question marks for the team.  Their bullpen was revamped with acquisitions of J.J. Putz and new closer Francisco Rodriquez who closed a record 62 games for the Angels last season.Last week Perez had a strong outing against Baltimore down in Florida, one run and four hits.  So this start, even if it meant nothing in the standings, was supposed to make this one against Boston even more important before the home crowd.“It’s not easy to have games like that in front of family and friends,” said Perez. “I understand they don’t like today’s game. I don’t like it too,” he commented referring to the fans who booed him as he left the mound.Manuel and the Mets are hoping Perez will quickly readjust. He has to or the Mets will suddenly discover that they will be in trouble with one of their key arms. “We will get this together and make the adjustment,” said Manuel.NOTES:  Players are adjusting to the field and wind conditions at Citi Field. And many say it may take half a season to learn the dimensions and how the winds will play a role for pitchers and hitters.  Said Manuel, “the wind at Shea was blowing one way it meant it was going another way. Here I don’t know how it will play.:The Lowrie home run dispelled early thoughts that Citi Field will be pitcher’s ballpark… Johan Santana will get the start Monday in the season opener … Perez was also claiming that pitching in the World Baseball Classic caused no problem with his mechanics. The outing with Baltimore last week certainly put an end to that theory…E-mail Rich Mancuso: