Yes, I watched Monday Night RAW tonight and when the telecast ended, I too, extended a Happy Birthday greeting to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Now we are not accustomed to seeing a WWE superstar, that is, if the Rock still is, provided such an occasion. Reality it was for sure and well deserved!I recall meeting the Rock, years later, at the MTV Music Awards in New York City. This was after many years of not knowing who “Little Dwayne” was. You see, there was a time when Dwayne wasn’t The Rock. He used to attend shows with his father Rocky Johnson.  Little Dwayne needed to be watched while his father went in the ring.And so, years later, at the awards, I get the stare. The sun glasses came off. His finger pointed at me to come over to him. “You…You..You…Rich Mancuso,” he said. I wondered? Why would The Rock call me over?   “You.. You… don’t remember,” he would say. “You used to take me by the hand and me and you watched my father in the ring,” he said.Yeah, that was not Little Dwayne. It was now The Rock. And he was it his best. Little did I know that it was Little Dwayne all grown up, the WWE superstar and later a prominent motion picture character that has come home to WWE, this time for the year- long buildup to the WrestleMania main event in Miami Florida next April with John Cena.And it is indeed The Rock who will once again carry the WWE Empire of Vince McMahon the next year. He is home, as McMahon proclaimed Monday evening. A deserved tribute for the Rock’s 39th birthday in Miami and of course John Cena with the championship belt made it known that he has arrived once again with the title. And the WWE title now has to go through Cena.Again, I would like to see how WWE writers are going to keep this suspense going with Mania, 11 months from now. It is unprecedented to stage a main event so far off, but The Rock is one person that can keep it going. That is, assuming, Cena does not get hurt and if they don’t flip-flop the title on and off Cena. It’s a gamble and if anyone can pull it off it is the creative team at WWE, even though the product has lost some interest with their bizarre angles.  Let’s face it, The Rock back on WWE programming, is better than watching Michael Cole each and every week make himself look like a fool.So that was the real Dwayne Johnson getting a serenade of Happy Birthday wishes from the WWE Universe in Miami. His mother, proudly at ringside with other family and good friends, and it was real. You could see The Rock gloating, almost fighting back the tears.He has done so much for the business over the years. There were times when The Rock had his doubters. Even Vince McMahon and the creative team gave it a chance.  Dwayne Johnson and McMahon devised the character. The Rock became one of the biggest wrestling superstars of this new entertainment era of pro wrestling.There was never resentment. The “Boys” in the locker room welcomed him, not because he was the son of a legend. There was talent, and the character and finishing move have entertained fans and other superstars since its inception. And now The Rock is home for the limited run of WWE programming engagements leading up to his match with Cena that will surely surpass every WrestleMania to date.Yes, The Rock had a Birthday bash on Monday Night RAW. And he made it one heck of a spectacle for two hours.  Happy Birthday Dwayne Johnson, or is it Little Dwayne, and many more!e-mail Rich Mancuso: