Enough is enough and now it’s time for Omar Minaya to go. The New York Mets are a shameful bunch thanks to the leadership of a General Manager who is overrated and as bad as the decision makers who constructed the Mets new ballpark Citi Field.Think about what has happened the past few years at Shea Stadium, and this dismal first two weeks of the season as the Mets return home Friday evening opening a series with the lowly Washington Nationals and first place Florida Marlins. The Mets are a disoriented team and, though it is still the month of April, there is every reason for a Mets fan to panic because of Minaya.Thanks to Minaya, they were supposed to better with a revamped bullpen. But that was all Minaya did this off season as a starting pitching rotation was questionable, as were the questions at certain key positions. Second base, the outfield and catcher, and here are some examples as to the incompetence of Omar Minaya.To a certain extent ownership, Jeff and Fred Wilpon are to also blame.  Reportedly Minaya, even as he spent and concentrated on the pen, was looking to acquire Manny Ramirez to shore up the offense. Minaya kept saying there was interest. Manny was available and signed with the Dodgers prior to spring training.O his defense, not spending by ownership may have been a reason Manny is a Dodger and Minaya may have not had control of the situation. But, Minaya, never took a chance on two key possible acquisitions, second baseman Orlando Hudson, also a Dodger and pitcher Derek Lowe who signed with Atlanta.Again, maybe a Wilpon decision to not spend, but doesn’t Minaya, as we are to know have full authority of making decisions that are beneficial to making the Mets a championship team?  Perhaps we don’t know, but we are aware, that the Mets right now, standing at 6-9 are, a mess after a three game sweep at the hands of the St. Louis CardinalsThey have the second highest payroll in baseball and still may have memories of the last two horrible September collapses. And the three starters that manager Jerry Manuel put on the mound in St. Louis had a combined 9.82 earned run average.  That doesn’t include Johan Santana who is the only salvation for a pitching staff that is less than mediocre.The New York media says that the moves Minaya made for the bullpen are beginning to implode, so appropriate and true. Because the needs of a pitching staff and offense are not exploding, and though there is still plenty of time, patience for a Mets fan has exploded.Exploded anger at Minaya who is responsible for this mess of the Mets in Flushing New York, and the Wilpon’s may give it some more time. Because they don’t want the embarrassment of a losing season at their new ballpark, more so empty seats for the inaugural season at Citi Field.This Mets team has no energy, right now are boring to watch, don’t steal, hit and run, most of all Minaya inking Oliver Perez again to that three-year $36 million contract needs to once again be questioned. “Ollie” as he is called continues to be Mr. inconsistent while Santana, who earns the big money, continues to be the most reliable.So for the best interest of Mets fans, including yours truly, if this fiasco continues the one who should take the fall is Omar Minaya. The Wilpon clan of father and son need to fire Minaya now and get the proper decision maker to their new home in Flushing!`