Are we fools? Apparently the WWE thinks we are. After a dull WrestleMania XXVII Sunday evening in Atlanta it was so predictable that it would be The Rock against John Cena in Miami next April 1st as the main event for WrestleMania XXVIII. Yes it has come down to this, that a main event for the largest wrestling event on the calendar is a year away.That hierarchy now brainwashing fans, those who put it all together for WWE, the script writers this time, have hit “Rock Bottom” in their desperation to keep their product going another year.  But this unprecedented announcement on RAW Monday night leaves a lot of questions.Yes it shapes up to be a match of great proportion. The Rock and Cena who represent two different and recent eras of this so called WWE universe and for whatever it is worth one would assume it will be well anticipated. A year from now, though, leaves plenty of questions.Is the Rock now a fulltime roster member again of WWE? Does he leave a successful Hollywood career or go on hiatus and work shows the next 52 weeks leading to the next Mania? And for Cena, hindered by injuries, does he avoid missing time because of a bad shoulder, bicep, or anything else that occasionally puts him on the shelf?You see, making a main event as good as it seems, a year in advance, does have some risks. Not to count the story lines have to continue and one would assume Cena, more than the Rock, will still be involved in the WWE title picture. How the Rock stands in all of this remains to be determined because it is not known if he has signed a yearlong deal with his return or spot appearances.What is the objective, so soon and so far away of a Cena-Rock showdown?  Nothing really, because the WWE is running themselves right off the map despite all the popularity and good ratings that continue to be public knowledge. However the hard core wrestling fan, those not being a new generation of kids, are tuning away and turned off.Mr. McMahon is desperate and needs the Rock to pull in fans he had ten years ago.   At the same time Cena, like him or not, has brought in another generation of fans. Two of the most popular superstars in the past ten years are locked in a feud that we will hear about time and time again.However, the objective of WrestleMania from the inception was to always milk the shows weeks and months before. Meaning fans would obviously speculate as to who would main event at WrestleMania. Guess now the Royal Rumble, that always had the angle of the winner taking on the champion of WWE, or the world would get the title shot at Mania will not hold any significance.Now that changes. So does the anticipation because it is the Rock against Cena and you know it was coming.  And hopefully the writers who scripted this WrestleMania of Sunday past will put Rock and Cena last and not at the beginning.Unless we get another Undertaker-Triple H match which was hinted on RAW Monday night.  That should have been the last match on Sunday at the Georgia Dome and not Cena versus the Miz.As the Miz says “Awesome.”  But you are not going to hear that word here. Setting a main event for WrestleMania a year in advance, the biggest stage of them all is not the objective of what a pro wrestling fan wants. You need to keep the viewers watching and now the fun is just about over.Please, whoever is responsible for the script, we hope you were teasing. This is not the way pro wrestling is supposed to be.e-mail Rich Mancuso: